Preview: Slow Summer – New Zealand

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As the northern hemisphere is having its boreal winter, the southern hemisphere is enjoying its austral summer. Yet, no matter where we may find outselves, it’s nice to take a moment, slow down, and soak in a summer daybreak in New Zealand.

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16 Responses So Far to “Slow Summer – New Zealand

  • Avatar

    Steven Dews says:

    Made us home sick Steve. SWe are trapped out of NZ because of the Covid. In Mexico on Wolfhound waiting to cross in 2021. Since you made this film Elliot’s has been saved for the nation by public donations and is now a conservation Trust! Thought you would be pleased to hear that one of your happy places will always be there for you.

    • Steve Stone

      Steve Stone says:

      Good to hear from you Steven and the news of Elliot’s is the best I’ve heard in a long time. Looking forward to seeing you and Louise again in . . . well . . . whenever that will be.

  • Avatar

    James Holter says:

    Just back from two weeks in South Island, truly a peak life experience. Friendly people, fantastic scenery, great activities.

  • Richard Greenway

    Richard Greenway says:

    Magical New Zealand. You have reminded me that it is time to go back.

  • Avatar

    Robert Von zuben says:

    Thanks guys I needed this on a damp, wet, cold day here in Canada – a great start to any day.

  • Avatar

    Benjamin Doerr says:

    That is my wife’s family’s (and, for the last 20 years, my) home away from home! Right there on that beach. My father-in-law has the lower unit of the cottage on the top of the bluff. Elliott’s is the most magical place, full of healing and calm. John Elliott’s father and my father-in-law were close, and then so are their sons, and the Elliot family has had my wife’s family along for holiday camping, etc for over 40 years. I wish we had the kind of money it will take to buy the place. When we were there last Feb, the big, beachy tide pool was forming at the north end of the beach and all kinds of fish would gather, the water would warm with the sun and our kids loved swimming in there. A little octopus even came over to investigate them!

  • Avatar

    Mark Patton says:

    p.s. Since you are down there, all …..”eased up”…..with our Kiwi friends during their Summer, ask em about the “ All Blacks” and “Black Ferns” kicken butt in SF during our Summer.
    Purty sure they will invite you in for a pint and want to talk about …..wood… bo…. boa….Boats.
    If not ….. give em your reasons for “easing up” during their Summer.

  • Avatar

    Mark Patton says:

    “Sheep Shearer’s Shack”

    So there we were, outside, Down Under. At Sunrise to be profound
    To our eyes and ears, everything was upside down.

    Beguiling bird songs, strange bug songs
    Unknown tree songs, enticing but backward wave songs.

    But… But… the Sun…
    Rising high in The East, shouldn’t it be low?

    It’s February to be exact

    Back home around the “Lobster Shack”
    no birds, no bugs, trees naked, waves icy.

    A few sheep about, all woolyed up
    Alas, no shearing till June in our

    “Sheep Shearer’s Shack”

  • Avatar

    Thomas Tracy says:

    I just need to put that on repeat for a couple months…

  • Avatar

    Keith Taylor says:

    I can almost smell the sun warming the tussocks and the aroma of grazing sheep. But the magic moment comes at 2:57 with the sharp dip in the foreground outcropping mirroring the jagged peak in the background promontory. Whakamīharo!

  • Avatar

    Johanna Wigg says:

    Breathtaking… thank you for the encouragement!

  • Avatar

    Rod McLaren says:

    Yes, its winter on the Canadian prairies and a great time to practise easing up so that when summer sailing season arrives we have the technique down pat. Great video – lovely camera work and editing.

  • Avatar

    Warren Fisher says:

    Awesome. The videographer and editor have nailed the essence of letting the image tell the story. What a great wake up reward this morning!


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