Preview: Slow Winter in the Currents

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A winter afternoon adrift on the currents of Puget Sound.

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28 Responses So Far to “Slow Winter in the Currents

  • Avatar

    Diana Kenyon says:

    Any info available on the beautiful sailboat?

    • Nate Rooks

      Nate Rooks says:

      Hi Diana – apologies, I didn’t see your question until now!

      She’s an Ingrid 38 cutter, built in BC in 1987. Mostly red & yellow cedar and fir. Pilothouse designed by the builder.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • Avatar

    Dana Russell says:

    Eagle Island, for sure. As a kid growing up on the shores of Dana Passage not too far from there, my dad would periodically take us kids there. We thought it was so cool that the island was small enough that we could run all the way around it. I remember taking all the boys in my first grade class there for my 7th birthday party in 1971.

    If Iā€™m not mistaken, the dinghy looks like a Minto. I have one of the early Mintos ā€” the very one in which I learned to sail fifty years ago ā€” in my backyard patiently waiting for restoration.

    A most nostalgic video indeed. Made me homesick!

  • Avatar

    Robert Mazzei says:

    What a nice piece. Looks familiar. We are on Wollochet Bay. Most Winter days I have it to myself.

  • Avatar

    dave lathrop says:

    beautiful… peaceful like 18 hours of burning fireplace logs piece, only wetter and better.

  • Avatar

    James Thomas says:

    I spent a similar night tied to the mooring buoy at Eagle Island last Fall prior to winterizing my boat. South Salish Sound is pretty untrammeled even in summer, but late in the season or Winter and you have it all to yourself, seabirds, the occasional seal, and the mournful sound of the train .

  • Avatar

    John Gilbert says:

    I’m not even a fisherman, and this looks simply idyllic to me. It didn’t hurt that there was that far off haunting sound of a train whistle (something gone entirely from the area I live in).

  • Avatar

    Richard Randall says:

    West side of Eagle Island, South Sound. A great spot to spend a quite day or two.

  • Avatar

    Lester Garnier says:

    He hopes a fish doesn’t disturb his solitude.

    • Avatar

      Theresa Brown says:

      We need a long sleeve Winter OCH t shirt withe the woodstove, coffee, settle in for winter quote on it! That is exactly what we are doing aboard our Echo these days!
      Great video.

  • Avatar

    Robbi Krumm says:

    What a relaxing video this morning. Sat down with my coffee and was so pleasantly surprised to see my home waters so beautifully displayed. It captured all that I love about about the South Sound. Thanks, I needed a lift today and this did the trick.

    • Nate Rooks

      Nate Rooks says:

      Thank you Robbi, so glad it had the desired effect.

  • Avatar

    Katie Jennings says:

    Thank you! I see Mt Rainier… what lovely quiet harbor are we in?

    • Avatar

      Mark Keller says:

      Based on the ferries in the background and the angle to Rainier, I’m guessing Blakely Harbor on Bainbridge Island.

      • Nate Rooks

        Nate Rooks says:

        James is very close! Richard Randall looks like he answered it up top – this is right next to Eagle Island in the South Sound, a stone’s throw from Longbranch and sitting between Anderson and McNeil Islands.

        There are a couple of State buoys you can use (I think more in the summer).

  • Avatar


    So many things going on… Video and audio. Sun and shadows. Mountain and boat. Oars in the water. Click of the reel. Train whistle. Oars being shipped at the boarding ladder. Very well done! Easy to imagine I am right there.

  • Avatar


    Hauls me back a bit. In 86 years i have built two boats. a 14′ and a 16′ beveled chine. The 16′ was splashed in 1961 with a V-4 ‘Rude 50hp. Had her for 21 years. A few nice decks were under my feet up to my dream, including a 34′ double cabin Trawler. But then my dream came along. A 15’ Flats. By then I was 79. Poled it over flats in Sarasota Bay and hung lots of Reds, Trout and Snook. Noticed my balance was not good enough for the summer ocean fishing where Striped Bass were the target. Sold it last year before something bad happened.Black day! Beautiful video. Thanks.

    • Avatar

      Tiago Jesus says:

      Just hope I’m able to sail until as young as you, thanks for sharing.

  • Avatar

    Julian Kuffler says:

    Warms the spirits on a cold sunny morning. Thanks


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