Preview: SQUALLY COVE – The Wooden Boat Shop’s Shearwater 38

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Shearwater 38s are handsome, speedy, and sea-kindly powerboats with soup-to-nuts gizmos galore.

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16 Responses So Far to “SQUALLY COVE – The Wooden Boat Shop’s Shearwater 38

  • Avatar

    Alan Stannard says:

    Wayne & to the other Aussie ‘Chippies’, great workmanship, she has beautiful lines & layout.

  • Avatar

    George Fitzgerald says:

    What a great boat, with modern features and lots of room. Lovely. Thank you.

  • Avatar

    Jim McGee says:

    She is absolutely beautiful and the craftsmanship is superb.

    I was curious about the prop, can you tell me the manufacturer?

    Also are plans available for this boat?

    Thank you, Jim

  • Avatar

    Michael Werneburg says:

    She’s a great looking gal, seakindly, a gem.

  • Avatar

    John Myatt says:

    What a handsome boat! Congratulations Tim Phillips, Wayne Parr and the crew at the Wooden Boat Shop. Lovely to see beautiful Tassie in background again. Thanks OCH , you’ve made my day (again).

  • Avatar

    Dean Wilson says:

    Nice one Wayne and crew..Another classic from the Wooden Boat Shop..

  • Avatar

    Donald Bybee says:

    I did not quite get the power configuration. A Yanmar engine is mentioned but also electric power and a 600 amp hour battery. Could you explain a bit more about how this is set up? Thanks. Don, Sacramento, California

  • Avatar

    Michael Vaughan says:

    Eximious! In the true sense of the word.
    What a ripper!

  • Avatar

    mike Brown says:

    Nice to see a practical boat, useable and timeless design

  • Avatar

    john marks says:

    Before the interest in American lobster boats, and the founding of the Wooden Boat Shop in Sorrento, fast boats in Australia were chine built. Now we can have a fast “displacement” style boat with speed and good looks. Also, with the standard shaft drive and motor amidships, the Shearwater sits near level at speed, another bonus. Notice the cascading ports along the forecab.This is very traditional, and reminds Australia boaties of the 40’army workboat.
    Congratulations to Tim Phillips and WBS, and those who order a boat such as this.

  • Avatar

    Brent Williams says:

    Great video of the Shearwater, it sure is a beauty.

  • Avatar

    Leo Corsetti says:

    Wow, I want one! I love the boat and the thought that went into developing it.

  • Avatar

    Peter Frost says:

    The quality of the work reminds me of the finish of Vic and Hazel Carpenter’s work on their boats here in Ontario.

  • Avatar

    Vernon Powell says:

    Wayne, Tim and Eric, well done on such a fine and practical boat, and the usual high quality video that we have come to expect from OCH. And of course the snippets of Channel scenery, stamp Tasmania all over the production. The enthusiasm that Wayne exudes for traditional wooden boats that are built to serve the purpose, was what inspired me when Wayne was my mentor for the build of my boat. Keep up the fine work


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