Preview: Steven Dews on Port Townsend, The Port in the Storm

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So let me take you behind the scenes for how this video came about.  I knew Steven and Louise had been in Port Townsend for over a year after the “shakeout cruise” on their new schooner WOLFHOUND.  Steven and Louise both know boat yards and marine services as well as any boat owner.  I saw Steven on deck as I walked past, he said they were untying within the hour to point the nose of WOLFHOUND southwest toward their home in New Zealand. I hopped aboard, and said: “Let’s stand right here in the sun . . . ok . . . tell me about y’all’s experience bringing WOLFHOUND into Port Townsend.”  He paused to adjust to the moment, took a deep breath in, exhaled, and here you go, the first and only take… (Steve)

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7 Responses So Far to “Steven Dews on Port Townsend, The Port in the Storm

  • Avatar

    Michael Davidson says:

    Thank you so much to everyone at OCH for helping make Pt. Townsend what it is for it takes more than just the people that reside here. Without those interested I wonder what it would be like. As they say in Jamaica “one blood”.
    Again we gather and feast

  • Avatar

    Kit Laughlin says:

    Lovely, lovely interview. If the Gods smile, I want to visit, preferably by water.

  • Jonathan Lewis

    Jonathan Lewis says:

    He’s right. The vibe in Port Townsend must be similar to being in Florence during the Renaissance. The joy of appreciating masters at their craft! See you Saturday.

  • Avatar

    Arthur Winer says:

    Judy and I sailed down to Port Townsend from Orcas Island in July and re-visited everything we love about PTown. And we’ll be coming to the show next Sunday in hopes of catching a glimpse of Talley Ho. Steven Dews captures the essence of the place beautifully. Thanks for this video.

  • Avatar

    Mike Anderson says:

    Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend this years P.T. festival, but have a look at my movie from last years event..well over 107,000 views and counting….

  • David and Margaret Tew

    David and Margaret Tew says:

    This REALLY makes me want to revisit PT. I haven’t been since 1979’s PT Wooden Boat Festival when I gave a talk about Maine’s Apprenticeshop. It was the first ‘public ‘speech’ I ever made and it went so well they asked to reprise it the next day. As Steven said, the most wonderful and welcoming people.

  • Avatar

    Philip Myer says:

    Such a talented artist, Blue Peter is a superb motor yacht.


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