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Preview: Steven Dews on Port Townsend, The Port in the Storm

August 31, 2023

So let me take you behind the scenes for how this video came about.  I knew Steven and Louise had been in Port Townsend for over a year after the “shakeout cruise” on their new schooner WOLFHOUND.  Steven and Louise both know boat yards and marine services as well as any boat owner.  I saw Steven on deck as I walked past, he said they were untying within the hour to point the nose of WOLFHOUND southwest toward their home in New Zealand. I hopped aboard, and said: “Let’s stand right here in the sun . . . ok . . . tell me about y’all’s experience bringing WOLFHOUND into Port Townsend.”  He paused to adjust to the moment, took a deep breath in, exhaled, and here you go, the first and only take… (Steve)

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