Preview: STITCH, A Ted Geary U.S. Forest Ranger Boat

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Take a cruise on a Ted Geary designed powerboat built for the U.S. Forest Service in 1930 and now converted into a live-aboard without losing its classic appeal.

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28 Responses So Far to “STITCH, A Ted Geary U.S. Forest Ranger Boat

  • Avatar

    Brent Williams says:

    Wow, thanks for sharing another great video of a beautiful vessel.

  • Avatar

    George Fitzgerald says:

    A really lovely boat, with headroom for those of us above average height. It’s also a great video – as usual – we’re in danger of being spoiled. Thann you

  • Avatar

    Jeremy Dinsel says:

    The small computer fans is a neat idea for circulating air. I wonder if I could make use of it in my little sailboat!

  • Avatar

    David Saiget says:

    Just purchased the 50′ former US FS boat “Forester’, now named the Sea Bear. Same classic wooden boat massively built, huge timbers-am so excited to have it!

  • Avatar

    steve schwartz says:

    An incredible piece of floating history. What an adventure to ride that boat in that part of the country. Awesome.

  • Avatar

    john howe says:

    Great to see Stitch underway. I was fortunate enough to travel from Seattle to Ketchikan with Mark Lundsten in 2012. I am pleased to see a new capable skipper at the helm.

  • Avatar

    Patrick McCorkle says:

    Absolutely beautiful boat. Another inspiring video. Thank you for sharing.

  • Avatar

    Ginny Jones says:

    Although my passion has always been classic yachts and traditional sailing work boats, those old Pacific Northwest power boats from the forest service or the fisheries patrols hold an allure that is difficult to resist! Practical, seaworthy, beautiful, easy traveling, oh my!

    Thanks to all.

  • Avatar

    Bill Mayher says:

    As these comments roll in, validating the countless decisions and revisions that go into the making of a video, they help us stay the course we set for OCH at the outset. Thanks everyone for such thoughtful responses.

  • Avatar

    mike kitchen says:

    Super video OCH! Love all the info by the owner. I envy him as a liveaboard on such a wonderful piece of history that is Stitch. I really like OCH’s videos on powerboats. Please keep them coming. Again,well done.

  • Antonio (Tony) Osse

    Antonio (Tony) Osse says:

    Perfect as usual! And I mean the boat, the video, etc etc etc…. Part of the 90% ULTRA satisfied with OCH

  • Avatar

    Doug Duffield says:

    Very nice video and love the old wooden power boat videos keep them coming. Nice detailed ifnformation.
    Loved the idea of the computer fans to move air around, im going to try that on my Dyer 29.

  • Avatar

    John Wujack says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Thanks, again. The rub rails, painted? Details, please.

    • Avatar

      Michael Luigs says:

      Hi, John. Yes, painted rubrails. If interested, 2 parts black and a part brown in any quality marine polyurethane should get you to the same place. All the comments are flattering and very kind.

  • Avatar

    gerald spiegel says:

    Lots of smart, lucky people in this world, and they keep showing up on OCH. Keep up the good work !

  • Avatar

    Charles Thompson says:

    Makes me almost want a powerboat. Another good one OCH! Thanks.

  • Avatar

    Frank Wescovich says:

    Very nice video of a comfortable looking boat. It would certainly be a pleasure to cruise the Islands anywhere in it.

  • Avatar

    Thomas Tracy says:

    Another great video and story. Love the way Stitch has had modifications for tall folks.

  • Avatar

    Fred Green says:

    Amazing video.

    Thanks to Michael Luigs and his Family for sharing their Masterpiece with OCH and viewers. The segment where Michael shares some of his own life experiences on the water and the importance of his family in making “Stitch” an amazing vessel is truly, Priceless.


  • Avatar

    John Supan says:

    Awesome and inspiring. Another great video. Very Satisfied, as usual!

    I, too, loved the ending. My Rhodes 19, purchased restored in 2008 after a 3-yr post-Hurricane Katrina online soul search, became a catalyst for my then 25 yr old son to become a sailor, who now is 34 and a valued foredeck crew racing PHRF boats. Life changing….for the better. I purchased him a subscription to OCH for Christmas last year and will again & again.

  • Avatar

    James Hill says:

    Another nice, wholesome video – have enjoyed them all – thank you

  • Avatar

    Ahoi Mench says:

    I particularly loved the ending, focusing on his relationship with his son, “…not to push to the point of resistance” and ” It’s his childhood. It belongs to him.” I too cruised with my son every summer. We had an incredible time. It was a major blessing creating memories that will last. But I did not push him. It’s a tricky bit of business. We want to share our passions with our kids. Michael expresses this perfectly and the editors were very wise to close the video this way. It’s the sort of thing that makes OCH very special. Thank you.

  • Avatar

    John Hennings says:

    Great video of another beautiful boat, thanks.

  • Avatar

    Thomas Mitchell says:

    Super video on “Stitch” …… Thanks for outstanding videos like this one.


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