Temple Tiny Regatta

December 1, 2011

Regattas need not be large and formal functions involving hardcore racing, signal flags, and grown men screaming for room at the mark. You can drum up just as much fun by assembling a few friends, a handful of small boats, and setting up an impromptu course. The 2010 Temple Tiny Regatta was no exception; the only screamers were the spectators waiting for their turn on the dock. What a blast!!

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19 Responses So Far to “Temple Tiny Regatta”:

  1. Avatar chip puhl says:

    Your TTR ‘time machine’ worked. It took me to 1953 when, as an 8-year old apprentice, I learned the importance of a square blow to a ring-shank nail as I helped my dad build an 8′ Sears Catalog pram. That was the first of the fleet of 13 different hulls totaling 307′ of waterline, but after watching this video I realized that the first eight were the most significant. Thanks for the lump in my throat.

  2. Avatar Jim Heumann says:

    Nice! Thanks.

  3. Avatar William English says:

    You’ve captured the essence of “messing about in small boats’ with the freedom of spirit and wholesome, ageless, togetherness. Congratulations on another inspiring video.

  4. Avatar Stewart Simpkins says:

    Thank you.

    Fine video made “above the rest” by the music selection and the high quality sound and camera performance.

    I hope you guys don’t get tired of doing this.
    Stewart Simpkins

  5. Avatar Graham Hall says:

    Brings back some super memories! Poole Harbour, Dorset UK -1958 -60s ‘Yachting World Utility Dinghy’ Plywood Pram built by my father – then into International Cadets – so much fun – so little stress!

  6. Avatar John Wujack says:

    Thank you for this and the hours and hours of enjoyable viewing of OCH videos. Please continue to do for another decade what your have created here in your first. As always, with great appreciation.

  7. Avatar Geoffrey Ewenson says:

    I always taught my kids; “Sailing is supposed to be FUN”!
    So proud to be related to Molly & Meggan, et als.!!!

  8. Avatar Byron Fox says:

    Marvelous! There’s something in the local genes, though. Every staggeringly cute third child has a magnificent head of red hair.😉

  9. Avatar Walter Allan says:

    I always like looking at this great regatta as the season starts. Boats and Kids – what could be better? (and I love that the dog doesn’t seem fazed by Eric and all the excitement)

  10. Avatar Mark Baldwin says:

    We already have Paxton, the Borealis Press office baby, signed up for lessons when he’s six, in 2022. First row trip this weekend. First OCH video for him starts right now.

  11. Avatar Robert Gibson says:

    What fun. I always loved the small informal type regattas the best…young and old experienced and inexperienced together sailing. No whining just good clean fun…..love it.

  12. Avatar Wendy Henderson says:

    This should be “required watching ” for first graders and in every seaside community! Infectious, clean, healthy family fun!

  13. Avatar Torrey Bingham says:

    Worth every penny to be a member for videos like these. You guys capture the fun and beauty of sailing better than anyone.

  14. Avatar Dean Wilson says:

    Great story, love the kids amongst it

  15. Avatar gregorio cheskis says:

    What kind of witchcraft are you putting in these videos? I keep watching them non-stop, one after another.
    It’s driving me crazzzzy. Thank you!

  16. Avatar Walter Allan says:

    This is my absolute favorite video Steve. More videos with kids and families this summer perhaps? I love the Joel White tribute as well.

  17. Avatar daniel snyder says:

    Great video! Now I’m inspired to get my Beetle cat ready.

  18. Avatar Molly Blake says:

    The Temple Tiny Regatta will be held May 27th this year so maybe you can be there! Check out the facebook page for more details. https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Temple-Tiny-Regatta/170065679759463?bookmark_t=page

  19. Avatar William Boulden says:

    Thank you. Such a marvelous video and it stirs the romantic in me. Wish I was there.

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