Preview: Ten Dollars and a Dream: Cruising Aboard the Danish Sloop NORNA

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With ten dollars and a dream, Kourtney Patterson and Pete Grundvig spent two years cruising the Atlantic aboard their Danish sloop NORNA.

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12 Responses So Far to “Ten Dollars and a Dream: Cruising Aboard the Danish Sloop NORNA

  • Avatar

    mike osborne says:

    Excellent video. It’s refreshing to see people using creative solutions to their challenges aboard their boat. Beautiful boat too.

  • Avatar

    Eddie Hoffman says:

    Another blessing for me from Off Center. thanks! I wonder where you were in Florida building the boat and where you stay “when we are Florida”. I am in Tarpon Springs on the West coast and would be happy to help in anyway possible if you are on this side of the state. Thank again for sharing your dream brought to llfe!

  • Avatar

    Craig Blurton says:

    I’ve been watching their videos for a long time. I think the key to this story is Pete’s enormous fund of woodworking knowledge and skills. Even so, being the owner of a 1944–launched 50′ Angleman-designed wooden ketch myself, I had to laugh to see that they had no luck stopping their deck from leaking. Yeah, me either.

  • Avatar

    David L Schroeder says:

    This is an excellent video and a terrific reward for a gent (me) who just finished and filed my 2016 income tax return. I am very impressed by this couple and the method by which they recovered and rebuilt a wooden sailboat. Friends and I repaired a Clipper Marine 26 foot fiberglass sailboat and spent about 400 hours to complete the project. The project in this video was far more difficult and is truly outstanding. Well Done! Thanks to the Off Center Harbor for producing and sharing this and numerous other videos!

  • Avatar

    ken vollick says:

    A Saturday morning, a wonderful video and a great story…. No better way to begin a weekend,
    love this format and OCH.

  • Avatar

    david bond says:

    i was surprised to see that perkins 4-107. i have the same engine and have had nothing but trouble with it and considering replacing it with a beta. i wonder if Pete had had his engine rebuilt.

    great boat and terrific story. i especially liked that squares’l.

    • Avatar

      steve johnson says:

      David, if you go to their UTube site,you’ll be treated with years of rich tales of the work they’ve offered to Norma. Thru their site,you’d be able to pose your inquiry direct .. A wonderful couple and equally charming tales of life with Norma

  • Avatar

    Carl Weathers says:

    What a wonderful story. A very wonderful boat. See how being at the right place at the right time can evolve into such a journey? Plus when opportunity knocked, he recognized it, seized it and made this happen. Cudos to you both. I bought your book online, but have yet to find time to read it. Best wishes.

  • Avatar

    Walter Allan says:

    Wonderfully told and all about the boat – remarkably. How did they happen into Center Harbor? I note Pete’s Woodenboat hat, so perhaps that was it. Good for them and good for you.

  • Avatar

    John Simlett says:

    Fantastic, what a remarkable couple who seem to be part of that remarkable boat. it’s how life should me ……… and all set to music.

    A real vintage video this one will be


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