Preview: Tom Robinson’s Row Across the Pacific, Part 4 – The Voyage Begins

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After nine years of dreaming, working, planning, working, and then working some more – Tom Robinson has finally embarked on his truly epic quest to row a wooden boat across the Pacific Ocean from Lima, Perú all the way home to Brisbane, Australia.


Note: Because Tom is on an adventure the timetable is unknown but rest assured, we will be at work on the next video in this series as the story develops and we hear from Tom. In the mean time: Tom rows.

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13 Responses So Far to “Tom Robinson’s Row Across the Pacific, Part 4 – The Voyage Begins

  • Avatar

    Aren Carpenter says:

    Tom- my motor went into limp mode and my weight lifter boys each took an oar and rowed six miles (with engine idling forward).They were happy to give up after only five and let idling motor do the rest. I mean, my Essex Shipyard hat is off to you,your strength,your will and after telling my sons your story we all wish you success and an easy voyage!

  • Avatar

    Paul Monk says:

    It’s not just the waves you’ll be riding , there will be mental and physical peaks and troughs too. Enjoy every moment. Simply amazed at what you are doing and who you’ll be by the time you get to Brizzie. Stay as strong as you look , keep calm and safe. Best wishes Paul

  • Avatar

    Peter Jackson says:

    Best wishes for a safe and rewarding voyage Tom.

  • Avatar

    David Bornman says:

    Tom, I’m praying for your safety and may the presence of the Lord be near to you on this trip.
    Thank you Off Center for following Tom.

  • Avatar

    David Gleason says:

    Wishing you the very best! Thank you so much for sharing your adventure!

  • Avatar

    Glenn Williams says:

    What a great representative of Australian young people. Goodonya Tom!!!

  • Avatar

    David Yeowart says:

    Thats a beautiful boat you built Tom, she will be your best friend now mate. Good luck to both of you.

  • Avatar

    Tom Pillifant says:

    Go get ‘em. Thanks for the updates, beautiful little rowing boat, stay safe mate.

  • Avatar

    randall spurr says:

    A toast to OffcenterHarbor for having the insight to recognize Tom’s adventure as a truly important event, setting up the photography, GPS tracking. the video of fishing boats, and fishermen of Lima, and the boat construction there in Lima was eye opening! I am glad I can put my boat on a trailer and not have to round up a pile of timbers and 30 people!

  • Avatar

    alex lemon says:

    An impressive young man for sure! Safe journey Tom!

  • Avatar

    Julian Kuffler says:

    Tom, Great job so far. Good luck on the next leg of the journey. Looking forward following your progress from the coast of Maine.


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