Preview: Tom Robinson’s Solo Row Across the Pacific, Part 8 – A Satellite Phone Call

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We talk to Tom in the middle of the Pacific Ocean* and his adventure is already inspiring and a bit of a cliff hanger.

* If you need help hearing or understanding Tom and Steve, you can click the “CC” button on the bottom-right of the video player to turn on closed captions. The “CC” will be blue and you’ll see the captions as they talk when it is on.


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27 Responses So Far to “Tom Robinson’s Solo Row Across the Pacific, Part 8 – A Satellite Phone Call

  • Avatar

    Robert says:

    What an adventure. I loved Tom’s description of how good his yesterday was, being amongst all of that oceanlife at the surface. Amazing.

  • Avatar

    James Reinhard says:

    Tom’s less than 200 miles from Penrhyn Island

  • Avatar

    Andy Bullock says:

    Best wishes Tom, I hope the currents relent and allow you to make landfall at the Marquesas.

  • Avatar

    GEORGE Ireland says:

    What are remarkable young man you are. I have been a sailor since I was 12 years old and I am now 81. I spent many many days at sea and I understand the joy you were having and also the fear.” To quote a friend of mine if your mother didn’t make a believer out of you the sea will. Fair currents to you lad. You are doing a fine job

  • Avatar

    Bailey says:

    What an outstanding young man, his words are an inspiration to living a quality life!

    It’s not the destination it’s the journey, keep up the good work Tom.

  • Mark Shaw

    Mark Shaw says:

    So happy to hear he is doing well and staying positive. I hope the currents will turn for him and he can get to the islands soon. What an amazing time he is having. Best of luck to him and will be watching and listening. Thanks so much for the audio update.

  • Avatar

    Peter Jackson says:

    Thanks Tom and Steve for a great, uplifting, conversation. I hope many more of my fellow Australians become aware of Tom’s amazing voyage and the determination, good humour and humility he clearly has in abundance. Good on you Tom!

  • Avatar

    Andrew Hyde says:

    I feel privileged to call Tom a friend having worked, played, sailed and enjoyed his company for a few years now. He’s an incredible young man with an admirable attitude to life.
    It’s fantastic to be able to hear him explain his situation and describe his day-to-day life on board. I’ve been concerned about his northward track since he left Peru and hope he can make some southern progress soon.
    Thank you so much for sharing your communication with Tom, Steve.

  • Dave - SeaStorm Marine Australia

    Dave - SeaStorm Marine Australia says:

    Thanks Steve.
    Tom’s attitude is delightful.
    May the Lord of the wind, waves and currents send you south Tom.

  • Avatar

    David Walker says:

    Thanks to Steve & OCH for this marvelous opportunity.
    And, thank you for the Closed Captioning. It really helps.

  • Avatar

    Peter Davies says:

    What a pleasure to hear about this great venture. Hearing Tom’s voice is just the best. I get my little grandchildren to plot Tom’s position on a world chart

  • Avatar

    Dennis Hoogerman says:

    A joy to see a young man follow his dream. May you row in peace.

  • Avatar

    Donald Morris says:

    Thankyou OCC for allowing this amazing journey to be told. I know all of us dream about being outside the box or our comfort zone.
    Our dreams will be with Tom and his journey south.
    His arrival in Brisbane will be celebrated and showing all of us that dreams are real.
    Stay safe Tom.

  • Avatar

    Karen Portch says:

    Thanks Steve and OCH for going the extra mile and allowing all those following Tom’s journey to be reassured that Tom’s mind and body are still strong. Many will now be closely watching his tracker hoping to see a more southerly course as Tom and Maiwar have achieved today. Good one.

  • Avatar

    David Flanders says:

    Thanks so much for posting this. It’s an invaluable ongoing story; and to have it chronicled with 21st-century technology puts Tom’s voyage right up there with the other great solo nautical adventures. Also glad to hear that he’s bearing up, despite the understory of the currents not cooperating.

  • Avatar

    Julia Graves says:

    What a wonderful opportunity to hear Tom and Steve exchange comments and stories. Steve’s inquiries were so well thought out and Tom’s responses provided such great descriptions and appreciations for his journey! I especially liked his conversations with the sun! What an amazing experience. Thank you OCH! Here’s to hearing from Tom in the Marquesas!

  • Avatar

    Adam Maguire says:

    Tom, I’m having a brand new Trimaran built for me in Vietnam. At 57 years old, I’ve never owned a sailboat and people tell me I’m crazy. I don’t care, I want the adventure. You encourage me. God bless.

  • Avatar

    Jim Kramer says:

    Amazing! I keep looking at that expanse in front of him and wondering when that track is going to show some southing.

  • Avatar

    Rick Zablocki says:

    Thank you Tom for sharing your great adventure. Best of luck with the currents and weather with hopefully a bit of rain.

  • Avatar

    Dean Mendenhall says:

    Sounds to me like a chap that is enjoying his environment and has the time to figure out that your happiness comes from inside and not from things you think you need. Hope the currents turn in his favor soon so he makes his destination.

    • Avatar

      Timothy Cassidy says:

      Looks like Tom made landfall on Penrhyn Island overnight.

  • Jonathan Lewis

    Jonathan Lewis says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. An amazing lad and an amazing voyage.


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