Preview: Traditional Rigging, Part 11 – Seizing a Thimble in a Wire Grommet

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Myles completes the throat halyard strop with a perfectly seized thimble.

NEXT PART IN THE SERIES: The last two parts of this series is now in the editing queue (2.14.23).

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11 Responses So Far to “Traditional Rigging, Part 11 – Seizing a Thimble in a Wire Grommet

  • Avatar

    Richard Seeger says:

    I have been trying to view some of the videos and they do not play. I am wondering if anyone has reported this issue to you?
    Synthetic Rigging the Rhodes 27 VARYA – A Brion Toss Legacy Project is one that I can’t view.
    Tradtional Rigging 11 and 11 and among others I can’t view.
    Please email me @ or text me @ 631-742-1376 and let me know about the video issue. Thank you. Rich


  • Avatar

    Dees Wilmsen says:

    HI, 13 parts of Myles Thurlow’s traditional rigging are announced, but I only found 11. Where are the other two, 12 and 13? Or were they never made

    • Steve Stone

      Steve Stone says:

      Thanks for the reminder Dees. Our apologies … there was some debate at the time whether the last two parts in the series had new info/techniques or were repetitive, and then we got distracted. We’ve looked at them thoroughly again and the last two parts of this series are now in the editing queue.

  • Avatar

    David Green says:

    Fascinating. So on the second set of turns (5:15), you want them to sit in the ‘hollows’ made by the first set of turns?

  • Avatar

    David Dickson says:

    Beautiful job. Something I would enjoy doing. That isn’t a shop you’d want to walk around barefoot in, with all the wire cut offs. 😁 Thanks for this OCH.

  • Avatar

    Francis S Capsan says:

    Up until now “Parceling & Serving” were just words in my sailing dictionary. Understanding the method involved in doing the task was made clear with Myles’ excellent explanation of the process. Great video.

  • Avatar

    Timothy Case says:

    Brilliant stuff right here. Myles is not only continuing the skills and art, but also teaching all of us too. I cannot get enough.
    The simple yet clever ways to add leverage and tension ( ‘it’s just a stick!’ ) are awesome to watch in practice. These videos are pure gold.

  • Avatar

    John McCarthy says:

    Brilliant work. Like all professional Myles makes it look so easy.

  • Avatar

    Tim Healey says:

    Mesmerizing quality work along with interesting camera & narration. Great work ! You should be proud.

  • Avatar

    James Scannell says:

    It is just amazing to me how much this young man knows about traditional techniques and how skilled he is! It makes me happy to know that this knowledge is kept alive in his capable hands!


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