Preview: TRIXTER – From Alaskan Mail Boat to Family Cruiser

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Every once in a while, a charming old work boat like TRIXTER comes along that does exactly what they do best: provide a warm and cozy space for getting friends together on the water. From Alaskan mail boat to family cruiser, TRIXTER has always been good at her job.

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15 Responses So Far to “TRIXTER – From Alaskan Mail Boat to Family Cruiser

  • Avatar

    Alan Stannard says:

    A lovely launch, good visibility all round from the w’hse, excellent camber in the deck hse for added head room and rid of the rain water & ice.

  • Avatar

    Michael Pizzuto says:

    TRIXTER is my favorite boat- I owned her from 1977-1987 and had not seen her again until the video by OCH. I was fortunate to become her owner again in 2018. Both of us older but still very much in love! Many thanks to Sean for his loving care and work during his stewardship-I’ve put in a lot of time working on her and still she needs a lot . { I can’t keep my hands of her ! } I hope to bring her to the Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend when they resume.

  • Avatar

    Brent Williams says:

    Great video, such a simple but beautiful boat. Great job

  • Avatar

    steve johnson says:

    well now, of all the coolness of this family party boat, leave it to me to spot that ‘day-bar’ and now i’m looking at converting one of Tug’s long time shelves devoted to folded trouser’s and such,with the idea of reducing it in half,leaving one half for guess what ??? You got it ! I should add I’m a light drinker historically.. yet i like a smooch now and then,be it a cold morning or later and having a big selection of glistening bottles sitting there invitingly would lend a welcoming aspect to Tug .

  • Avatar

    andy larowe says:

    What a FUN little Boat! As mentioned in the video, the inside layout is nothing like I had imagined when first seeing it.

  • Avatar

    Tony Vink says:

    What a beautiful little boat. Thanks for showing us. Looking forward to an update when the interior has been finalised.

  • Avatar

    Ellen Massey Leonard says:

    What a great boat with great character and history!

  • Avatar

    Christopher Chadbourne says:

    Trixter is very special indeed!

    She’s a wonderful Northwest cruiser; but she’d also be a very nice East Coast waterway cruiser as well, I think. Rig wind scoops and a cockpit awning, tow a Nutshell pram astern… She’d be right at home from Lubec to Key West and every back bay and creek in between.

    How about a feature on her in Woodenboat magazine… complete with some design drawings? Perhaps inset with a Doug Hylan concept design update and commentary?

    She’s a boat to dream on.

  • Avatar

    John Sims says:

    Really special & beautiful boat! So glad to see her in such capable hands. Sure would like to see more of that aft deck, wheelhouse top and foredeck. And maybe even a good look in the laz??
    Great looking boat & great video to show her off. Thanks!


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