Preview: TUNA, a Retired New Zealand Pilot/Tugboat

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A salty little work boat with an appealing history and an equally salty owner. New Zealand at its best.

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40 Responses So Far to “TUNA, a Retired New Zealand Pilot/Tugboat

  • Avatar

    Barbara Woll Jones says:

    Just love this boat and her story – again !!!
    Thank you –

  • Avatar

    David Rawlings says:

    Adding my voice to all the admiring words already written. Just curious about what was done after the copper bottom sheathing was removed. I restored a small wooden cruiser and put her first bottom copper on using instructions from wooden boat magazine. Best thing I ever did for her.

  • Avatar

    Roy Henderson says:

    A Classic boat lives on with a caring owner/skipper.

  • Avatar

    Trent sellens says:

    So I purchased the plans.
    Looking forward to the video series.

  • Avatar

    Ralph Wernett says:

    Always looking forward to relax and drift off watching your videos!

  • Avatar

    Rick Clark says:

    Awesome “TUG” boat…so glad still being used & loved!! Thank You for the historic ride!!!

  • Avatar

    Dave Dickmeyer says:

    Wonderful and beautiful, both the Captain and her tug!

  • Avatar

    Olav Thyvold says:

    Lovely story and a very sweet boat owner. :) Yet another example of the unique NZ boat building method. Maynard Bray did a very interesting video on this style of building last summer and was going to do a follow up??? I would love to see that!!

  • Avatar

    John Stephen says:

    It’s very nice to see a good honest working boat take her place beside the more glamerous ones. She has an amazing history aiding the war effort and helping large ships safely to berth in all weathers. The Captain will take good care of her for a long time I hope.

  • Avatar

    Michelle Caron says:

    Great Story. Loved the boat and the Captain. Playful paint job is such a joy to behold. Thanks for the little getaway.

  • Avatar

    Jeff Patrick says:

    Love the boat, seeing her is a visual treat. I’m sure the story is equally swell but I simply cannot follow the dialogue. My hearing aids can only do so much. So subtitles would be most welcome.

    • Steve Stone

      Steve Stone says:

      Thanks for the nudge, Jeff. You’ll see closed captions appearing shortly on this video as well as all the recent videos. There’s a slight delay in adding CC on new videos so any revisions can be made if someone finds an error once we release them.

  • Avatar

    Yvonne K Nabbefeld says:

    I don’t know a thing about boats, but certainly enjoyed that relaxing little ride with a most interesting lady. Thanks so much.

  • Avatar

    John Sloane says:

    Inspirational as I am in process of restoring ex work boat Tainui .. light house service vessel Cape Brett etc .. congrats on Tuna gives me confidence in what I am doing for my vessel ..

  • Avatar

    graham brown says:

    Great looking boat with proven history . You had the vision to bring her up to the state she is in today,well done ,enjoy many more years you will have crusing and enjoying.

  • Avatar

    Chris Mills says:

    Thank you again for a wonderful story, so refreshingly, truthfully told that the veracity shines through. Makes me smile.

  • Avatar

    Brent Williams says:

    What a great boat, owner and story. Thank you very much for sharing.

  • Avatar

    Roger Mills says:

    Great story – enjoyed finding out the history.

  • Avatar

    DAVID Mckie says:

    She is lovely and I have one similar to her. Oh, and the boat is nice also!

  • Avatar

    John Wujack says:

    Lovely, especially that lifted, canoe stern. Thanks or sharing. Greetings from the Pacific Northwest (U. S.)

      • Avatar

        John Wujack says:

        just seeing this months later…… Yes. Alive and well in Washington State.

  • Avatar

    Stephen L. Clark says:

    When the sun goes over the yardarm I will toast TUNA and Captain Jill, both lovely.

  • Avatar

    Larry Cheek says:

    It would be a happier world if more boats sported paint schemes like TUNA’s.

  • Avatar

    Tom McFarling says:

    I think I like Jill as much as I like Tuna. Both great gals.

  • Avatar

    Milanne Rehor says:

    Lovely. Tugs my heart after losing my 53 year old Magellan 35 to Hurricane Dorian.

  • Avatar

    Lansing Hays says:

    I like the attitude and good spirit of the owner. She would enjoy any boat with her life perspective.

  • Avatar

    Fernando Esteban says:

    A great little boat with some great history. Thanks for the story and the video.


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