Preview: Understanding Wooden Boat Construction, Part 4—Deck Structure

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Deck beams both pull a boat’s structure together and form a landing place for deck planking. See how everything fits together.

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15 Responses So Far to “Understanding Wooden Boat Construction, Part 4—Deck Structure

  • Avatar

    Pedro Rego says:

    2 years since this episode… is it over?! Come on OCH, get Sean to come back with more!

  • Avatar

    Bradford Preston says:

    What a remarkable instructor! Despite the level of detail concise and clear.

  • Antonio (Tony) Osse

    Antonio (Tony) Osse says:

    One video like this and the whole year´s subscription is paid!

  • Avatar

    Craig Stevenson says:

    This is just what I’ve been looking for! Fabulous explanation, well presented, basics. This will help immensely when reading other articles and books. Thank you Sean and OCH. Well done as always.

  • Avatar

    James Thomas says:

    As a onetime engineer and draftsman, I can say that Sean truly has a great “hand”, a real gift.

  • Avatar

    scott hitt says:

    most excellent tutorial! very structured speaker with a wonderful cadence! Goodonyas!!!!
    worth every penny of the OCH subscription! meat and potatoes, meat and potatoes!

  • Avatar

    Bruce Cresser says:

    Working as a big steel shipbuilder, then to wooden boat restorations I can appreciate the great job being done here, well over 40 years ago when I started this kind of instruction was not even heard of. Great job.

  • Avatar

    Rich Dodson says:

    So well-instructed and illustrated! Over four decades of reading nautical fiction and non-fiction, I have often wondered about these various parts of structure. Now I know! Thank you!!

  • Avatar

    William Stanard says:

    Sam Manning would be proud of Sean’s work and ease of explanation.

  • Avatar

    Dave Dickmeyer says:

    Just watching him draw the plan view of the boat so easily is inspirational! What a tremendous talent. Thanks for number four in the series, can’t wait for more installments!

  • Avatar

    William McCaffrey says:

    I have ready and studied many of the traditional boat building books, even built several small boats, but none of this has been so well documented and elegantly presented as this series. An owner and/or builder of wooden boats would be well served to watch this series.

  • John Holscher

    John Holscher says:

    Very well done! I’ll have to go back and watch the previous videos and keep an eye out for future episodes.

  • Avatar

    Bliss Rufo says:

    Love Sean’s videos.So young and super smart!

    • Avatar

      Lannis Morris says:

      If I could draw freehand as symmetricately as he, I would give up all my other dreams and become an artist. The heck with boatbuilding. Just kidding😆. One jealous onlooker.


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