Preview: Versa Vise Review, with Harry Bryan

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When we first saw this video, we called to order two of these clever little versa vises immediately. And they haven’t let us down. With this vise, the task at hand is now held rock steady and at precisely the right angle for our best work. We’re wondering what other tricks he has up his sleeve for future videos? Stay tuned…

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11 Responses So Far to “Versa Vise Review, with Harry Bryan

  • John Homer

    John Homer says:

    Terrific….Great video. Just ordered from Jon-Mar Machine and Gear in Ohio. I wanted a pattern makers vise but didn’t really want to pay that much so this will be a welcomed tool in the shop. Perfect for carving half models and design work. Thanks again Sir for another great idea for the boat shop.

  • Avatar

    Dick Galland says:

    I saw this video when it first came out and eventually bought a Versa Vice on eBay. I just started using it over the past month and now I can’t imagine how I got along in my shop without it! It is so superior a product that I completely understand what Harry means when he says he couldn’t build a boat without it.
    Thank you, Harry Bryan. It seems to me that this vice reflects your whole approach to tools:
    Simple, durable, well thought out, and suited to the job at hand.

  • Avatar

    James Cornwell says:

    Inspired by this video some years ago, I got myself the Garret Wade version. Its Chinese-knock-offishness is unmistakable, to be sure – but what a gigantic improvement over the old machinist’s vise I’ve been using for so long!

  • Avatar

    Mitch Multer says:

    Jon-Mar Machine and Gear in Ohio has purchased the prints for the original Versa Vice and are re producing them although to keep cost down some parts are imported. They are being assembled in Ohio.

  • Avatar

    joe brikha says:

    Thank you Harry! I like it so much I am scrapping my old vise and ordering a Shop Fox Parrot today!

  • Avatar

    greg mclaughlin says:

    Just getting started wood working on an old skiff.Harry’s videos will be a major help when building a selection of tool’s.
    Thank you Mr.Bryan,

  • Avatar

    Bill Perkins says:

    Is the vise from Woodcraft and Garret Wade Identical to the one shown in Harry’s video? I understand they’re made in China .Are they identical to each other ?

  • Avatar

    David Corey says:

    GarrettWade also supplies a locking screw to hold the vise upright when using the third axis adapter, so you don’t need three hands.


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