Preview: Watercraft of the Chesapeake Bay, Part 2 – The Star and The Comet

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Kissing Cousins compared: Design components of the Star and the Comet sailboat classes discussed in detail.

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9 Responses So Far to “Watercraft of the Chesapeake Bay, Part 2 – The Star and The Comet

  • Avatar

    terry brower says:

    When I was 70 I single handedly rigged, launched and learned how to sail a Star. Hull #6757.Now that was an education! I raced (again mostly single-handed) with the Rio Grande Yacht Club at the Elephant Butte Lake in New Mexico for a number of years. Since everybody had different boats we used the a handicap system. It was fun because even though I got busted on handicap I almost always finished first – unless there was another Star in the race.

  • Avatar

    Charlie Berg says:

    Many of the larger one-designs had “junior” versions: Star & Comet, Lightning & Blue Jay, Flying Dutchman & Flying Junior. I raced Comets as a youth on Barnegat Bay..later graduated to Lightnings in the Marblehead MA fleet.

  • Avatar

    Scott Wolff says:

    I’m down south in Norfolk and have a Comet. My first Comet was built by Bradford Smith Jr, 3101 and sailed around Reeds Creek. My father bought her and surprise, we used her for crabbing trips in the early 70’s! I now own a newer Comet and travel home for Corsica river regattas. Don’t forget the Hampton… She is, as important a Chesapeake Racer… Thanks Scott Wolff

  • Avatar

    Donald Jones says:

    A man, I didn’t know, passed away down the road from me and his house burned up. The estate had a pretty descent Lightning hull out front for free. I and other friends dropped by repeatedly to try and contact these people to obtain this hull. We all left notes. They just came by and chainsawed it up one day. So sad.

  • Avatar

    Charlie McLaughlin says:

    Wooden Comet 389 was my first boat !

    Great memories, sailing around Quincy Bay and Boston Harbor….Thanks Dad!

    ….and thanks again OCH !

    • Avatar

      Scott Wolff says:

      THE Charlie McLaughlin? They’d let anybody in here! LOL Wow! COOL!

  • Avatar

    Jerry Thomas says:

    Because of mixed texts, I was unable to forward this to a friend.

  • Avatar

    Art Silcox says:

    As a former Starboat sailor and current Comet sailor and restorer, I thought this video
    was well done and informative to sailors interested in both the Star and Comet

  • Avatar

    Will Parkes says:

    Fantastic! As a Comet sailor I really appreciate the historical narrative!


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