Preview: Watercraft Collection of Mystic Seaport, Part 2 – A Great South Bay Catboat & Piscataqua River Wherry

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Maynard and Eric go back into the building that houses the Small Craft Collection at Mystic Seaport Museum to view a couple of beauties:  A 19th century Piscataqua River wherry and a Great South Bay catboat by Gil Smith.

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13 Responses So Far to “Watercraft Collection of Mystic Seaport, Part 2 – A Great South Bay Catboat & Piscataqua River Wherry

  • Avatar

    Captain Nemo says:

    This is truly one of the most beautiful old boats I’ve ever seen. I just LOVE her lines!

  • Avatar

    David. Bryant says:

    Loved the video on the catboat. It seems that a lot of attention was paid to the stern… Perhaps it was the proximity to the window, and the sunlight, just behind the speakers? ;)

  • Avatar

    Roy Hebert says:

    As a builder, Gil Smith designs have always been the example of perfection for me. Next time we visit Mystic, would it be possible to see the catboat in this video? Thanks for saving such a masterpiece.

  • Avatar

    Dana Carini says:

    Eric glad to see gil smiths boat made the cut- why dont you come down here to shoot the scooters on the great south bay. The historic hudson gaff ice boats are getting ready and I hear you guys have ice!

  • Avatar

    elliott marks says:

    Great series, really enjoy it.

    As attractive as these two gentlemen are, I would rather see other views of these boats.


  • Avatar

    peter bachmann says:

    So enjoyed this! Grew up on GSB but never saw a Gil Smith. What a treat.

  • Avatar

    William Boulden says:

    I agree! Going through the collection and showing selected boats would make a fabulos series! Consider it your periodical.

  • Avatar

    Chip Worthington says:

    What a great video of the Great South Bay catboat.
    I grew up on the Great South Bay in the 50’s and learned to sail on Beetle Cats.
    Where on the Bay was Gil Smith located.

  • Avatar

    Mark Jack says:

    This is wonderful. I have only been able to view the collection previously on paper. The videos reveal so much more. It would be great to see more vessels as a regular series. Many thanks mark.

  • Avatar

    Carolyn Studley says:

    Liked the 2 videos of Mystic, Trinket8 I’m sure there is more to enjoy

  • Avatar

    Robert Middleton says:

    The catboats that were shown sailing, would be nice to know what they are and how they relate to the Gil Smith boat in the collection

    • Avatar

      Leonard Seastone says:

      The Long Island Maritime Museum in West Sayville built A Gil Smith Catboat several years ago. It has been refinished with more balast added for safety reasons and will be re-launched within a few weeks. Come for a visit. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am – 12 noon you can checkin at the Penney Boat Shop where it was built and meet the volunteer builders.
      Leonard Seastone


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