Preview: We Believe – Platte Canyon High School & the Seventy48

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Bailey, Colorado would seem like an unlikely place for boat building or water sports, never mind a yacht club. But that didn’t stop the 13 tough young women and men of Platte Canyon High School who make up the yacht club, built a 40 foot triple hulled canoe, and then hauled it from the mountains of Colorado to Tacoma Washington, in order to compete in the Seventy48, a seventy mile, human powered boat race up Puget Sound. Ya gotta see it to believe it.

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29 Responses So Far to “We Believe – Platte Canyon High School & the Seventy48

  • Gregory Davis

    Gregory Davis says:

    Huge respect for the two teachers who put this together for the students. I’m wondering how much blow-back or support they got from the school district in Bailey.

  • Avatar

    Baxter Evans says:

    Splendid job by everyone for sticking to it and seeing it through to the end. WTG!

  • Avatar

    Karel Doruyter says:

    Thumbs up !!! What an incredible experience for the kids !!! Great video.

  • Avatar

    Arthur Winer says:

    What an inspiration! Great video! Keep them coming. And a huge congrats to those students and their teachers!

  • Avatar

    George Conbeer says:

    It sometimes seems that negativity surrounds us everywhere we turn. Then an OCH video like this pops up in our inbox and balance is restored to our psyches.
    Thanks to the teachers and kids for their achievements and the OCH staff for bringing us their story.

  • Avatar

    David Newell says:

    bloody awesome! props to the teachers for having the vision and for the young folk for their commitment – much needed leaders for our world. Davo

  • Avatar

    peter strietmann says:

    Congratulations! A huge effort and well done.

  • Avatar

    Bob Shipman says:

    Living proof, we are still AMERICANS. 🙏🇺🇸

  • Avatar

    Neal Carriker says:

    Perfect way to build character, confidence, competence, and comradeship

  • suzan

    suzan says:

    Hell yes! Kids need challenges like these, opportunities to show what they’re made of! This was a game-changing shift for those involved. Kudos shop & paddle coaches!

  • Avatar

    Michael Ryan says:

    What a great project! Congratulations for such hard work and sticking to it and especially to the youngers for being brave, and the olders for carving the path. Inspirational.

  • Roger Elmes

    Roger Elmes says:

    Brilliant project well executed.Probably a life-changing experience for everyone. BZ

  • Avatar

    Robert Boone says:

    Very nice piece, gives a bright and inspiring perspective from the youth of today.

  • Avatar

    Peter A. Viau says:

    At 4:07 there is a black double ended row boat in the frame. Are plans available for that craft and where can I purchase them? Thanks “Fishbone”

  • Avatar

    William Talbert says:

    Great project!! Congratulations to you all.

  • Avatar

    Andy says:

    We’ve done programs similar to this for 25 years. Decades later, when I see those folks again, those are still amongst their strongest life experiences.
    As I first heard from Lance Lee, the magic is in figuring out how to do what you don’t know how to do. What a great project.
    And film.

  • Avatar

    Sandy Mcwilliams says:

    inspirational video and event… those kids’ lives are changed forever… tremendous video about overcoming long odds!

  • Avatar

    Martha White says:

    Amazing! Wish every kid could be a part of something that makes them feel how strong and able they are, together.

  • Avatar

    Clint Chase says:

    Such great material. Awesome video, awesome kids.

  • Avatar

    Kip Otteson says:

    Thanks so much for putting this together! We are so happy with the results! I’m so proud of the kids!


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