Preview: Wild Edibles, Part 1 – Plants Along the Beach

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When walking along the beach, across a meadow, or through the woods- there’s an astounding world of plant life -but only if you know what to look for. That’s where Tom Seymour comes in- in a matter of minutes Tom makes a landscape come alive with possibilities of edible opportunities. Once you start seeing it, you may never see the world around you the same again.

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11 Responses So Far to “Wild Edibles, Part 1 – Plants Along the Beach

  • Avatar

    William English says:

    Thoroughly enjoyable, done in Maine fashion, and very informative. Well done, once again! Thanks.

  • Avatar

    Peter North says:

    Very nicely done, well explained. Makes me think that he would write a good book as well.

  • Avatar

    Coleen Mennucci says:

    Another beautifully made video. Tom’s soothing voice as he describes each edible plant just makes me want to wander to the water’s edge to look for them!

  • Avatar

    John Buhrmann says:

    What a great video. Makes me want to make my way up North even more.

  • Avatar

    Hodges Street Sail Repair Gil Fontes & Laura Turgeon says:

    Really enjoyed Tom & the information he shared.
    Decades ago, when first introduced the idea of eating wild plants, I thought it would be so difficult to do.
    Later I found after a proper, in person, introduction by someone in the know, the plants were not hard to recognize. Suggest that all the ‘nature hounds out there do get expert advice before consuming anything they find. Even some delicious wild plants, like the famous poke weed, can hurt you if not properly prepared.

  • Avatar

    Bob Caton says:

    I’m not much on wild edibles , blueberries or blackberries are good.
    Having said that, I just ordered the book.
    Now I have a new mission when Wanda and I visit Popham Beach.
    Thanks Tom.

  • Avatar

    Robert Stumm says:

    Thank you for a wonderful video. I look forward to Tom’s next one.

  • Avatar

    Aren Carpenter says:

    Really nice.I like your creativity of topics.My ma used to show me all the plants to eat whenever we went out. Such a real bit of old history of transfer of knowledge for kids on the beach. Go Tom – you’ve got the old yankee charisma

  • Avatar

    Jim Gallagher says:

    Better than ‘store bought’. Great info. Thanks so much,

  • Avatar

    randall spurr says:

    Wonderful video, great topic, well presented, Tom is a charming narrator,
    Thanks. Good work!


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