Preview: Worldwide Classic Boat Show Presentation – Hidden Stories of the Herreshoffs

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The Pandemic may have stopped our in-person activities short, but it also gave us an unexpected opportunity to dig into the archives while on lockdown. Thanks in large part to extraordinary recent developments in the digitization and transcription of previously unpublished material from collections around the world, we have been putting together pieces of the historic puzzle in a manner that was not possible even five years ago. Join us as we explore recent discoveries from this new age of historic exploration: boats long forgotten or never built, photos that haven’t seen the light of day for a hundred years, previously unidentified models, and long forgotten Gilded Age tales of ocean-spanning cruises… whatever you’ve heard before, this is not the same-old, same-old Herreshoff!

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7 Responses So Far to “Worldwide Classic Boat Show Presentation – Hidden Stories of the Herreshoffs

  • Avatar

    Fred Kurtz says:

    Simply captivating content! Thank you Evelyn and your team for putting this together.

  • Avatar

    Ralph Wernett says:

    Evelyn, your presentation was amazing, your insight is captivating !
    Thank you!

  • Avatar

    Penny Pollard says:

    this was so fun! and a wonderful example of how one reearcher’s curiosity ends up providing a synthesis of all these discreet materials in multiple archives. Fantastic stuff!

  • Avatar

    Grey Spann says:

    Absolutely wonderful presentation. Thank You for sharing! Eveline did a marvelous job!!!!

  • Avatar

    Alan Gideon says:

    When I attended graduate school at MIT, I took a course on propeller design and analysis from Professor Jake Kerwin. One assignment was a major analysis of a prop of our choosing. I was able to walk up the narrow stairs to then-very small Herreshoff collection site and use original documents in my work. Things were all very informal back then. I analyzed the prop he designed for his steam anti-submarine patrol vessels. That brilliant naval architect knew a lot about hull design, but prop design was still pretty crude back then.

    • David and Margaret Tew

      David and Margaret Tew says:

      Alan- When were you at MIT? Halsey Herreshoff spent time there in some capacity during the 1970s (at least). I was an intern with him briefly while he designed the Freedom 40 for Garry Hoyt. The hull shape was based on models of NGH, his grandfather.


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