Preview: Worldwide Classic Boat Show Presentation – Photographers’ Roundtable

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Be a fly on the wall as five of the best classic boat photographers in the world share their work and swap stories.

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12 Responses So Far to “Worldwide Classic Boat Show Presentation – Photographers’ Roundtable

  • Avatar

    Christopher Wick says:

    I’m glad you snuck Daniel Forster in. I’d like to add Dan Nerney.

  • Avatar

    Norman Palmer says:

    Cover photo looks like a Bermuda Dinghy race.

  • Avatar

    Aren Carpenter says:

    So happy I joined OCH- Thank all of you for your generous giving of your time. There really is hope for the human race.Incredible photography.

  • Avatar

    John Diacopoulos says:

    This presentation from 5 brilliant photographers who not only know their art but are also at one with their subject has been absolutely superb and in my view makes Off Center Harbour an absolute classy and sensational site. Congratulations to all.

  • Avatar

    Andrew Blodgett says:

    Gorgeous! Even if you are not interested in photography technique, just play this video on mute and watch these gorgeous photos scroll past.

  • Avatar

    Fred Bright says:

    What a wonderful show. All the programs have been good, but what a collection of masters sharing their work. Just these pictures alone would make a fabulous screen saver for a computer. Probably CopyRite fees would make it price prohibitive though. Thanks once again for a great program.

  • Avatar

    Jean Marion says:

    Thank you it was very informative and interesting

  • Avatar

    Vasilis Sepetzoglou says:


  • Avatar

    Jay Denbo says:

    Absolutely fantastic – kept my attention for the entire presentation.

  • Avatar

    Ginny Jones says:

    Ginny Jones again –not sure whether I should break cover on this, but I am probably about the same age as Jonathan Harvey.. Beken of Cowes was certainly fantastic (all of them) and my personal favorites for the lovely sepia colored photos (I am looking at BRILLIANT and HALLOWE’EN on my wall) but the shop on the IOW with the piles of glass plate negatives, the little old ladiesorganizing their photos and keeping the business operating while tending the shop, back about fifty years, was a treasure trove. I was only there once, but what a place!

  • Avatar

    Ginny Jones says:

    Tom Nitsch from Hamburg is another fabulous photographer — not sure whether he fits into the categories which were delineated but his videos (with Tom Cunliffe’s wonderful narratives) are amazing!

  • Avatar

    Margaret Harvey says:

    I am guessing I am one of the oldest to have watched the photographers round table today, and I enjoyed it immensely. To give you a sense of my age, I knew Frank Beken who had a Chemist shop on the High Street in Cowes and started the photographing of boats. I used to race in Cowes, and Frank’s son Keith became a life long friend. I also know Frank’s grandson (Keith’s son) Kenneth who sold the business. Some of you may not know how Keith worked. He usually worked alone, held a camera in both hands and activated the shutter by biting on a bulb connected to the shutter and held between his teeth. I have lots of stories from the old days in Cowes. I currently have an S&S sloop, Nova, built in 1960 by Gerry Driscoll as his personal race boat, which we sail out of Gloucester. I always felt it was a toss-up between the Rosenfelds and Keith Beken, but Keith is my favorite. I was glad to listen to those who presented today and hope to see them on the water. Regards, for a Happy New Year. Jonathan Harvey


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