Preview: Yoga for Sailors, Part 1 — Opening the Hips, Legs & Spine

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Most of us of a certain age know that being aboard a boat for hours on end can introduce a raft of aches and pains.  Sally Clinton demonstrates simple postures in our Yoga For Sailors series that you can do aboard to keep flexible and strong.

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11 Responses So Far to “Yoga for Sailors, Part 1 — Opening the Hips, Legs & Spine

  • Avatar

    Karl Schoettle says:

    Like Eric, I’ve been skeptical of yoga, but seeing him practice yoga with Sally in the Beetle shed adds credibility to the process for me.

  • Avatar

    Alan Jardine says:

    Great Videos, I’m a bit nervous of trying it though as 79 years of age in case I end up in the A&E . Is there any tips for us oldies? I used to do a bit of jogging and running years ago but 30 years working on oil and gas platforms has ruined my knees and hips somewhat. Now I can hardly run a bath!

  • Avatar

    Reagan Tucker says:

    Outstanding video. thanks Eric for “volunteering” Great job Sally i got relaxed just listening to you speak. .I’m a huge daily yoga fan and you have given me some new poses to try.

  • Avatar

    Dana Cole says:

    Have attended some beginning yoga classes. This inspires me to go back for more. I especially appreciate the ideas about stretching on-board while sailing (although I usually sail single-handed so will have to stay vigilant!).

  • Avatar

    Llama Folks says:

    Excellent! I’ve done some form of yoga for most of my life. I love these videos, especially with reminders of how to calm down when things get squirrelly. Would love to get a printable reference list of the poses, too. Anyway, very cool! Thanks OCH for putting this together!

  • Avatar

    David Gruendel says:

    Definitely worth trying. As a senior sailor, I’ve found my hip and lower back pain becoming more and more aggravating. I’m indulging myself in a one month trial with Sally’s techniques. And thanks for being willing to try these thing yourself, Eric. That’s encouraging to the rest of us.

    • Avatar

      Eric Blake says:

      Hey David,
      As is clear in the video, I haven’t done a lot of yoga before. I was blown away at how different my body, as well as my mind felt immediately following. Don’t give up.
      Best, Eric

      • Steve Stone

        Steve Stone says:

        This shoot reminded me a bit of the shoot for Balance 101 on Boats with Charlotte, when I said: “Hey Eric, we have a shoot tomorrow at 3:30pm on the dock with Charlotte, and be sure to wash your feet good.” Yep, the look he gave me was the same look for the “Boat Yoga” video idea. I think he was actually nervous—first time I’ve seen that from Eric Blake. But the point here is that Eric couldn’t stop talking about how different his body felt after this fairly light yoga session. I got to see a transformation in his mind about his body and the possibilities of regular yoga in helping even his work in the shop.

    • Avatar

      Sally Clinton says:

      it is wonderful to hear that you are going to try these, David. If you have significant hip and lower back pain, I would recommend starting with the stretches we do on our backs on the floor (starting at 9:16) and then work up to the lunging stretches. Take the pigeon pose slowly. There are also other more gentle stretches I would recommend to first loosen up your hip joints. It is amazing how well the muscles and connective tissues of the body respond to stretching and how much discomfort can be alleviated through yoga done properly. If the stretches/postures in this video feel like too much to start, there are lots of other stretches you could do to help improve and relieve hip and lower back pain and loosen things up. Maybe we could do a video to cover that some time. I’m glad you are trying it out. Let me know if you have any questions.

  • Avatar

    David Carper says:

    ThoROUGHLY enjoyed that video. I will try to incorporate those stretches into my daily life. You are a good sport Eric.Thanks again!

    • Avatar

      Sally Clinton says:

      Eric definitely was a great sport at trying all of this out for the first time on video. Let us know how your experience is with the stretches. I am happy to answer any questions if you have any.


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