Preview: Yoga for Sailors, Part 2 – Standing Postures for Strength & Balance

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On a boat, balance is very important.  In this session Sally gives us techniques to multiply our balance points four fold.  These postures just might be the thing that, over the long haul of our boating lives, keeps us on board.

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7 Responses So Far to “Yoga for Sailors, Part 2 – Standing Postures for Strength & Balance

  • Avatar

    Floyd Graves says:

    So…. if she came in for the first half hour of of the Boat Shop work day and the whole crew did these excersizes for one month…. would production go up and accidents go down? LOL

    • Nate Rooks

      Nate Rooks says:

      Do back injuries count as accidents? Then yes.

  • Avatar

    Dony Bland says:

    Many hearty thanks Erik, ( & Ms.Saly) at my 7th decade of life, 6 of them sailing my own boats, I never thought of this however! I’ve now watched the 3 film clips 6 times , tried to emulate all that she was teaching you; on 5 occasions , fallen over rather a bit too much, BUT on theses latest attempts I feel that even an old fart such as I am benefiting from these efforts. I reckon the1st one presented should be the ” meet your feet” as only AFTER I mastered that one : well, then I found myself able to perform the postures sans the toppling over doltishly!
    Thank you both for presenting this excellent rejuvenating instruction here!
    Ps: gawd zooms, what a boathouse! Between that & Brookling Sheds mate ,you must feel like a monk in his monistery? Prolly better ,is my thinkin, eh Erik ?

  • Avatar

    William Fanning says:

    What a surprise Sally! As a newer sailor and longtime practitioner/ now teacher I’ve been thinking about how to bring yoga to the boating community at large. Nice videos!

    So you’ve shown us how a boat shed can easily be used, Let’s think about how a boat with limited flat and level areas can be used as well, shall we?

  • Avatar

    David Carper says:

    Well, I got a yoga mat for Christmas and now I have some more postures to do.The video instruction is very helpful versus just reading postures from a book. These hip opener and core and thigh stretches are neglected by most of us(men), opting for the more conventional extremity stretches.Balance is definately a learned skill and needs to be practiced. Thanks again, you guys are great…David

  • Avatar

    Anne Bridgman says:

    Great! I need these stretches. Can’t wait to get back on the boat in the spring and try them there. Thank you – Anne


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