Preview: New Paint You Should Know About – Marshall’s Cove Marine Paint

I’ve discovered a new brand of paint called Marshall’s Cove Marine Paint. It’s oil-based and comes in a variety of good colors as well as in four sheens ranging from high gloss to dead flat. Custom colors in pints or quarts can also be ordered. At less than $20 a quart for the standard offerings, the price can’t be beat. You’ll pay over $30 for most other brands.

After trying out Marshall’s Cove paint and finding it covers well and flows out very nicely, I contacted proprietor Peter Marshall (PM) to learn more. Here’s the scoop:

MB: Where did your idea of making paint originate?

PM: “Actually, the idea started in a sleazy, bedbug-infested hotel room in Columbus, eorgia, where my friend and I were rigging a representation of the

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21 Responses So Far to “New Paint You Should Know About – Marshall’s Cove Marine Paint

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    Phil; Favro says:

    How does it work in a fiberglass sheathed wooden hull?

  • Avatar

    Michael Werneburg says:

    I think I would like to try this paint for my Acorn 12 when its time to paint.

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    Robert Triggs says:

    I have been using Pete Marshall’s Marshall’s Cove Marine Paints since they first became available. I have a 17 foot old school wooden lapstrake Swampscott dory that I use pretty much year-round on the Puget Sound waters. Between trips it lives on a trailer. I paint it every year, inside and out. This paint is very manageable, using the roll and brush tip method. And it dries to a durable, level finish. What is remarkable is that with a thorough 180 grit prep, I get full coverage of the outer hull with just one coat, or a pint of paint. Depending on conditions, I may use a bit of gum spirits of turpentine to thin slightly. I love using this stuff. I drag my dory up on our gravel. Stone and sand beaches often, scraping over barnacles and shells all of the time. Hundreds of trips each year. It’s never been more than sandpaper prep for the 1/2″ thick oak bottom skid boards. The paint does wear s little from the beaches. But it’s quite tough, and very little gets scraped off that way. This is a working dory. Not a yacht. But she always looks great. People always comment on the beautiful paint.

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    Ken Weinstein says:

    Usually buy everything from Jamestown Dist. for the one-time yearly shipping fee, but will try this paint for sure,,. Your recommendation means a lot.

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    Nicholas Sollecito says:

    I have a wood boat I am stripping. Is a primer recommended and do you make a primer?

  • Avatar

    Steve Borgstrom says:

    I used Marshall’s Cove on both of my 14′ sailboats and couldn’t be happier. Went on great and has proven quite durable. The range of colors is nice too.

    Full disclosure: I’ve also met Paul’s parents, we live on the same island. Marshall Sr was asking me questions about my red boat at a launch ramp one day and as I started talking up the great paint I’d used he smiled and whipped out their business card. Small world sometimes.

  • Avatar

    Harry Bryan says:

    I am guessing that there will be little gained by trying to decide which paint is better, Marshall’s or Kirby’s. Both companies formulate paint for the wooden boatbuilder and maintainer. Both have a good variety of colors, can match other manufacturer’s colors, and will custom tune the sheen. The important thing about both companies is that they are small, family operations. When you contact them you get information specific to your needs. When you buy their paint your money supports a small, independent business.

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    Robert Hutton says:


  • Steve Goodyear

    Steve Goodyear says:

    Ugh ! Just bought paint last week for a restoration and color change on a 2001 Nimble Nomad Pocket Trawler . ( Green with beige topsides, going to dark blue with white topsides ) bought Interlux Perfection two part and Perfection Plus Primer. Any advice for my painter ( doesn’t have a ton of boat experience ) Should we go with two coats of primer ? Can you hand paint the bilges and those areas easily ? Thanks ! Steve

    • Avatar


      cool boat.

      two part paints are great durable, glossy paints and a good choice for painting fiberglass. they have a pot life like two part glues and once you mix it you get what you get. pick your weather and make sure to wear breathing protection, the chemicals attack your lungs creating a sensitivity over time. as far as application, its best to talk with your local interlux rep.

  • Avatar

    Russ Manheimer says:


    Should Mr Kirby be worried? I have a stock of Kirby Paints now but I’ll consider Marshall’s when it’s time for more. Does their dark green match the old Malachy Green of Interlux?



    • Avatar

      Maynard Bray says:

      Hi Russ,
      I love Kirby paint and, like you, still have a stock of it that I plan on using. But the price, range of colors, and variety of sheens makes Marshall’s Cove attractive as well. To check for a match with Interlux Malachy green, you should get a color chart from Peter Marshall and compare. Alternatively, just ask Peter to make the match; he’ll just need the Interlux color chip.

    • Avatar

      Hi russ,

      for Malachy green take a close look at hecate ranger green. a customer of mine loves that color and could not get it any more so we matched it (close) as I recall, its like a deeper forest green with blue tinge to it. we can always re-match it if you have a sample or we can send you a sample of hecate ranger for you to test out.

  • Avatar

    Christopher Wick says:

    Can they do a Herreshoff Alerion Green?

  • Avatar

    Irv Mac Dowell says:

    My new Caledonia Yawl, built by Tom Regan at Grapeview Point Boatworks in Allyn, WA is painted with Marshall’s Cove Paint. The finish is very beautiful- smooth and with just the right sheen. I like it a whole lot more than the mono-urethane paints I’ve used in the past. The color selection is superb as well.

    • Avatar

      Bill Bradley says:

      I also have a new boat, a Doug Hylan 15′ peapod, built by Tom and Susanne Regan at Grapeview Point, and it also is very successfully adorned in Marshall’s Cove Paint.

  • Avatar

    jim zevalkink says:

    Look forward to trying it out! Thanks for the heads up

  • Avatar

    Molly Blake says:

    They have a fantastic logo too. They sound like a cool company.