Preview: New Paint You Should Know About – Marshall’s Cove Marine Paint

May 3, 2012

Avatar Maynard Bray

I’ve discovered a new brand of paint called Marshall’s Cove Marine Paint. It’s oil-based and comes in a variety of good colors as well as in four sheens ranging from high gloss to dead flat. Custom colors in pints or quarts can also be ordered. At less than $20 a quart for the standard offerings, the price can’t be beat. You’ll pay over $30 for most other brands.

After trying out Marshall’s Cove paint and finding it covers well and flows out very nicely, I contacted proprietor Peter Marshall (PM) to learn more. Here’s the scoop:

MB: Where did your idea of making paint originate?

PM: “Actually, the idea started in a sleazy, bedbug-infested hotel room in Columbus, eorgia, where my friend and I were rigging a representation of the

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