Preview: My Favorite OCH Videos (and Why), by Co-Founder Ben Mendlowitz

When I was first approached to join this project I had visions of helping create content that would be a quantum leap from the printed work we had been doing in magazines and books to the new on-line connected world. By combining the impact of video and still photos with the deep traditional boat knowledge of my long-time colleagues Maynard Bray and Bill Mayher, then adding the enthusiasm and talent of a younger boat builder (Eric Blake) along with the video skills and website vision of Steve Stone, we seemed to have the perfect combination of talents to take on this new challenge. Remarkably, we at Off Center Harbor are releasing our 100th video next week, and we all feel a strong sense of accomplishment in having produced so much interesting content and to be sharing it with our members.

Here are few of my favorite videos:

Aboard A Legendary Commuter – APHRODITE

We almost canceled the video shooting of the running shots because the weather was so gray. As it turned out, however, the soft light, neutral background, and flat water were the perfect setting for moving images of this fantastic commuter yacht. When combined with my collection of still images shot shortly after her rebuild,  the current interviews that Steve filmed, Eric’s enthusiastic narration, and some nice ragtime music, I find the finished piece irresistible. We play it continuously at our boat show booth where it never fails to grab people and draw them in while they’re walking by.

Aboard a Legendary Boat, ALERA

I had followed ALERA for many years and was commissioned by Boothbay Harbor Shipyard to photograph her restoration and relaunching. Now that she has a new owner—one who is as equally passionate bout Herreshoff boats as Maynard, being able to get the two of them out for a sail on a perfect afternoon, with Eric along, was a great opportunity. Steve shot the onboard videos while I shot stills from my chase boat, and then he jumped aboard ABACO and we both shot shot more video of her running so beautifully. The wind was perfect, so that a stiff boat like a New York-30 could really show how great she performs in a breeze. The bonus came at the end of the day when the low light of the setting sun spotlighted ALERA against a beautiful shore and sky as she made her way back to the mooring under sail.

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5 Responses So Far to “My Favorite OCH Videos (and Why), by Co-Founder Ben Mendlowitz

  • Avatar

    Jack Camillo says:

    Love your 2013 Calendar of Wooden Boats. Which is what led us to OCH :) Now look forward to seeing all these videos.

  • Avatar

    Ben Mendlowitz says:

    Thanks Dale, no immediate plans for more on that specific Pete Culler boat, but I’m sure we will get to a more in depth video on his boats in the coming years.

  • Avatar

    Peter Brackenbury says:

    Another vote for The Blink of an Eye. Captures the beauty of connecting generations, passing on tradition all from an arms length that let’s the kids really experience the joy of the activity. It left me wishing that I had some beautiful moments like this with my grandparents.

  • Avatar

    Dale Stevens says:

    I agree with your selections of the individual boats. Kind of like a personality profile. What are the chances to do such a video of on the Pete Culler Buzzards Bay boat? One of my favorites, and the recent video was a tease….

  • Avatar

    Ellen Massey Leonard says:

    I had somehow missed the Aphrodite video. Loved the great footage combined with the ragtime. Interesting to hear about her construction, and what a rush just to watch a video of her roaring down the Reach!