Houseboat Design Contest — Off Center Awards

April 7, 2016

Avatar The Off Center Crew

We are pleased to announce the “Off Center” Awards for the world’s very first Houseboat Design Contest! Thanks to everyone who entered!

The “Off Center” Awards

Member’s Choice Award ($100)

A popular and fun design (already in use) that was the top choice
in voting by OCH members, Roy and crew are to be congratulated for
not only designing the dream, but LIVING it as well!
This design was noted as inspiration by several other entrants.

Roy Schreyer: DIANNE’S ROSE (17′ x 8′)

“This is a tiny houseboat with all that is needed to live aboard simply in the tradition of the shanty boats of old. We use her as a cottage on the water and a camper on land. Our third season with her has proven this boat’s suitability for our intended use…”

To view the entire entry, please click here.

* * *


The “Green Machine” Environmental Award ($100)

What a great way of taking something that normally would be seen
as icky, and creating a live-able environment with a revenue “stream”.
We have enjoyed the humor and well-thought-out design of Ronnie’s entry.

Ronnie Billings: The Pew E-2 (28′ x 16′)

“The how, where and why started with a few ideas batted around on what it would take to make a rugged, secure, low-cost work platform that could be constructed by a bunch of no-talents. From that came a boatload of ideas on how to use such a dandy piece of waterfront. Then, in a moment of serious thought, someone mentioned the need for local a pump-out station that would not add to the harbor clutter. Hence, the idea of “what if” we could make it attractive enough for people to use during the summer and perform a needed service at the same time. Next item, “what about the yuck?” How could we make this a design that doesn’t require special permits or bring on an environmental lawsuit? After the thoughts changed from whimsical to serious, all that was left was to hammer out the details…”

To view the entire entry, please click here.

* * *


Best Small-Boat-Hub Award ($100)

As we lusted for some of the designs miraculously come to life
in the harbor, this is one of the designs we lusted after most.
We were drawn to Philip’s almost singular focus on a love for
small boats, and creating the perfect space for enjoying them.

Philip Myer: A Houseboat for Enjoying the Pleasure of Small Boats
(Main Body: 22′ x 14′)

“Living on a houseboat from spring through to early autumn means the houseboat has to be comfortable, but it should also be a place where you can keep your 12 1/2 footer tied up alongside, easy to dock, and also shelter your dinghy and be a place for the frequent summer visitors to tie up. In essence, it is a floating base so your family and friends can enjoy the pleasures of small boats…”

To view the entire entry, please click here.

* * *


Youngest Designer Award ($100)

It just doesn’t get any better than a young boy dreaming of a
houseboat, fishing, and diving off the built-in diving board. Period.

Baer: The Floating Fishing House

* * *


Best Narrowboat-Inspired Award ($100)

With a great model to demonstrate the layout,
John’s design was both an in-house and member favorite.

John Stables: JACK’S FLAT (30’6″ x 10′)

“This houseboat would move under her own power, or be towed 20 miles up the Penobscot River, for her annual haulout, thus she can be as heavy and wide as a Travellift can handle. For moving only short distances on protected water, a French canal barge bow makes sense. This beamy, bluff bow is an acceptable tradeoff for the generous interior volume. I took inspiration from British Narrow Boats with their cabin sides at the rail. I wanted a skeg for good tracking and propeller protection, but by raising the outboard she’ll float in only four inches of water…”

To view the entire entry, please click here.

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3 Responses So Far to “Houseboat Design Contest — Off Center Awards”:

  1. Avatar Edward Hollister says:

    what happen to the More on Brothers house boat video

  2. Avatar James Howard Means II says:

    What a great idea to have this contest. I really enjoy the concept and submissions. Have you seen the houseboats that my old boss, Andy Vavolotis isbuilding at Robinhood Marine? He has several built and moored out off his marina. He rents them out by the week. They may not have enough wood to please you guys however.

    Say hello to Maynard for me.

    Howard Means
    Punta Gorda, FL

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