Preview: Riva Aquarama Lamborghini 278 Restoration

September 3, 2014

Avatar Dustin Urban

Lamborghini Riva Aquarama

Here’s a boat at the other end of the spectrum from the our “Brilliant Designs, Small Power Boats” philosophy. Commissioned in 1968 by Federico Lamborghini, founder of the sports car company that bears his name, this Riva Aquarama was fitted with two Lamborghini V12s and tops out 56 m.p.h.

Despite the boat’s excesses, she’s a beauty in her own right. This video covers the boats complete restoration after she lay under a boatyard tarp following the original owner’s death in 1993.

The historic footage of the Riva factory during the first 5 minutes is worth a viewing alone.

Click here for more information on the boat and her restoration.

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