Preview: Mastering Epoxy with Russell Brown, Part 9 – Fairing

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When it comes to handling epoxy properly, techniques for fairing out the job are critical and Russell Brown is the man to show us how.

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10 Responses So Far to “Mastering Epoxy with Russell Brown, Part 9 – Fairing

  • Avatar

    Barry Sherwood says:

    enjoyed this series with Russell Brown and have compared it to other treatments of epoxy – when will Part 10 be available

  • Avatar

    John Bukowsky says:

    I cannot imagine a better instructor than Russell Brown. He is thorough, thoughtful, and generous with his knowledge. This video series will assist so many boat builders for generations to come. Thank you OCH and many thanks to Russell.

  • Avatar

    Michael Mittleman says:

    The Master is at the top of his game. Informative, clear explanations. Well done, Russell. Another way to extend the life of the sandpaper is to loosen the dust with a bristle brush and then run a shop vacuum over the paper.

  • Avatar

    Larry Cheek says:

    I used System Three’s QuikFair on my most recent boat (a 21′ stitch-and-glue hull) and was very pleased with both the speed of the fairing process and the results—though I wish I’d made up an arsenal of different fairing blocks as in this video. I would be interested in Russell’s thoughts on using QuikFair or similar products.

    • John Homer

      John Homer says:

      Can this be used on a bright finished boat with only varnish?

  • Avatar

    Conbert Benneck says:

    After seeing Russel’s videos, I just wish that I had had that assistance available to me when I built several stitch & glue boats 40 years ago. At that time I thought I knew what I was doing, but after seeing Russel’s meticulous workmanship, I feel like I was a beginning apprentice in the Master’s shop.

  • Avatar

    Michael Seibert says:

    As always with Russell’s videos . . . very, very helpful . . . wish I had seen this one before I faired the fill coat on my Lightning’s rudder. I ended up with some areas where the FG cloth is visible, which will bug me forever.


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