Preview: PACIFIC – One Boat, One Family, Five Generations

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A little over a century ago, a farmer in New Zealand needed a way to get pumpkins and watermelons to market, and today PACIFIC has become that man’s family legacy.

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22 Responses So Far to “PACIFIC – One Boat, One Family, Five Generations

  • Avatar

    John Sloane says:

    Great to see New Zealand heritage kept alive and in the same family .. Pacific gives a glimpse of agriculture history of the gulf . Thanks to Nathan for sharing

  • Avatar

    Jason Ehrich says:

    Another great video, and a touching story. Thank you.

  • Avatar

    James Cunnington says:

    I watched a recent video of someone singing down in a boat cabin with a guitar. It was about relationships if I remember right. I really liked it. But I cannot find it again. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you.

  • Avatar

    Michael Bigos says:

    Loved this story and images of her living on through the generations. Nice videography and finding the details to tell the story. Hanging photos like that aren’t usually so prominent on a boat. That gives me some ideas. Selfishly, I wish we could see her motorsailing. Her lines underneath look like they would just be enough to let her reach under sail perhaps at low or no rpm.

  • Avatar

    Chad Thompson says:

    A great story well told. Well done Nathan. Well done Maynard and the OCH crew

  • Avatar

    Baden Pascoe says:

    What can I add, great to see these old boats stay in the family and connect with the history. Very special stuff. Pacific has a great owner and I know Nathan will look after her.

  • Avatar

    Arthur Winer says:

    One of my favorite kinds of videos from OCH and wonderful to see this kind of family tradition carried on through five generations on such a functional and attractive vessel. Thanks.

  • Avatar

    Chris McMullen says:

    Interesting history for anyone in Auckland. Hobbs Bay and I guess part of the farm is now a huge Marina.
    “Pacific” is a lucky to have had good owners who have cared for her. I am sure Nathan will continue the tradition.
    A great Video. Well done Nathan and the “Off Center Harbor Crew”.

  • Avatar

    Mark Jones says:

    An astonishing family and nautical history. Thanks for sharing this story and boa!

  • Avatar

    Bruce Stannard says:

    Thank you Maynard and the OCH crew for allowing us to enjoy the privilege of joining you aboard this lovely vessel, steeped in her family’s history. She is a joy to behold and I congratulate the family for their dedication in keeping her in such immaculate order over five generations.

  • Avatar

    Michael O'Dwyer says:

    Excellent video OCH.Well done Nathan,Pacific is in good hands.

  • Avatar

    Olav Thyvold says:

    Another great video. Beautiful boat!! Love the practicality and sensibility of these kinds of boats.

  • Avatar

    Ian Thomson says:

    Beautiful boat but more than that, an important bond that helps keep family traditions alive and vibrant.

  • Avatar

    Anthony Patch says:

    Thank you for sharing. Another fine example of the extraordinary stories, boats and people you bring to us here. This is my most favorite site on the net. What a great family in this one.

  • Avatar

    Morgan says:

    Now that is a beautiful, well designed boat. Thanks to all for a wonderful morning viewing.

  • Avatar

    Alan Houghton says:

    Great story Maynard, 5 generation > amazing. And a very smart woody :-)

  • Avatar

    Jason Prew says:

    Well done guys, a very very cool video! More more :)

    • Avatar

      William McCaffrey says:

      Great boat! with a long family history. Love this piece of history.


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