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Almost daily here at Off Center Harbor, we discover a good boat for sale that sends us off on a new dream. Rather than keep these good boats (and dreams) to ourselves, we created Dream Boat Harbor so that you could have a quiet little place where every boat listed for sale is good enough to spark a dream. We'll share the boats that catch our eye because of their design, builder and the value they appear to represent. But we haven't seen them, so we can't vouch for their actual condition, so buyer beware! Off Center Harbor does not charge a fee when we list these boats — we only ask for a donation IF the boat sells as a result of our listing — so you're only getting boats that we think are good.

SUBMISSIONS: If you know of a good boat for sale, CLICK HERE to send us a link to its main online listing. We'll check it out, and it MAY end up below, but there are no guarantees. If you're submitting a boat that does not have an online listing, a detailed description including all specifications you see listed for the boats on this page, plus several quality photos are required for consideration. While we do NOT charge a fee to list a boat, if the boat sells as a result of this listing, we do encourage a donation of two percent of the purchase price to help us offset the costs of maintaining this service to the classic boating field.

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